Helpful Tips for Children Found at Hospitals and Hospital Websites

When you have a child that is sick or isn’t feeling well, you want to make sure that you are doing whatever you can to help them fell better. As we all know, our parenting responsibilities don’t simply lie in helping our children get well, they also lie in helping our children stay well. This can be as simple as nutritional education, avoiding various things or trying things in an alternative manner than what we are programmed to do.

Fortunately hospitals and medical centers recognize the need for prevention as well as the need for treatment. One way that they help you do this is to come up with easy to follow tips that will help you help your child. They are typically one page handouts or cards that you can read and easily store for future reference. For instance, Akron’s Children Hospital has a program called Tips to Grow by. You can get these through the hospital or through their website. The tips are arranged from infants and newborns through teenagers as well as by medical categories. They help you stay on top of things as your child grows. Some health departments have a “smart from the start program” that has information about nutrition, developmental milestones and playtime ideas for your child.

Ask your child’s pediatrician if they have a program similar to these. You can also contact local children’s hospitals or go online and download them from another hospital. Of course these tips are just suggestions for you to follow or try. They are not meant to substitute the advice of your child’s pediatrician. If you are concerned about your child’s health or behavior, their pediatrician should be contacted immediately. However, these tip/fact sheets offer you good guidelines to follow. As we all know, parenting is a 24/7 job and whatever we can do to help our job go more smoothly and help our children be healthy is a good thing.